In a nutshell, this is a free podcast that aims to be a go-to resource for breaking knowledge, creating moves, training routines, and battle strategies for breakers by breakers. This will be achieved through sharing the voices and stories behind b-boys and b-girls who have reached new heights in breaking.

Every breaker has a unique approach to their craft—and with this comes a unique style. I have developed a strong fascination with this distinctiveness, which has led me to question what some of the top b-boys and b-girls do differently than everyone else. There are training resources available for countless other sports, but bboying is often excluded from the equation.

One main goal of In The Cypher is to explore the unique approaches to the dance from the perspective of high level dancers. This is to help an audience of b-boys and b-girls develop their own style of breaking in order for them to unlock their true potential and become better breakers.

This podcast will cover topics such as training routines, battle strategies, creating moves, and breaking concepts. Additionally, the podcast will explore the lives of the b-boys and b-girls being interviewed, and what it has really taken for them to be where they are today.

The Meaning Behind


Long before organised breaking competitions came about. Long before B-boys and B-girls competed against each other, to a number of preset rounds, in arenas and on stages. Long before breakers were judged in competitions by a panel of their dance peers, there was the cypher – in which breakers danced freely, tested themselves, and battled to the rhythm of the music. (Adelekun, 2018)

The cypher is not only a place to test your skill, but also a place to learn from others. You don`t need to qualify for a cypher, you just do it. The circle is a place for everyone, from beginners and high level breakers. The podcast is meant to be a platform where experienced breakers can pass down and share their own experience, knowledge, and love of the dance to the other breakers In The Cypher.

In the end, the cypher is an important part of a B-boy or B-girl’s journey, and it’s where true freedom for breakers lies. B-boys and B-girls may enter competitions for money, invites and fame but they form cyphers to simply dance, battle, exchange, find themselves, test themselves and express who they are in that circle. It’s the place where all breakers truly come together to share their love of the dance. It’s where breaking first came to life, and competition or no competition, music or no music, stage or no stage, breakers will forever get down in cyphers, as it’s the one place in which they are truly free to dance when and how they please. (Adelekun, 2018)



Hi, my name is Wolvi.

Never really having a teacher in breaking, I often found myself lost on what I needed to do to improve. In the end, I often resorted to any online resources I could find. I`ve always struggled to find resources specific to creating moves, how to prepare for battles or even just effective ways of training. 

One day I decided to see if there was a podcast on the topic and found nothing. This would be something that would help me so much, so I created the podcast with hopes to help others as well. I believe that these podcasts will also help listeners get to know and learn directly from the bboys and bgirls they look up to. It is one thing to watch them on YouTube, but another to actually get to hear them speak and learn from them (which is why you should attend workshops). 

I hope to grow a community where listeners can request who they would like to have on the show and submit their own questions. This way we can get down to exactly you need and the listeners can take action and apply what they’ve learned straight away.

Currently I am running the show on my own, but I have received a lot of help with photos, music, and input from great friends; I will link them in the resources section of the website. I have never done something like this before so please email me at wolvi@inthecypher.com for any comments or suggestions for the show.



Adelekun, E. (2018). Discover the meaning and importance of the cypher in breaking. Retrieved from https://www.redbull.com/ca-en/the-importance-of-the-cypher

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